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Rufus Bearcrusher

Some caps are cute, some are clever, but only once in a while do we have the honor to print something truly epic.
There are no words.
When I queried creator Joseph Stanfield of Bearcrusher Brewery about the story behind this awesome, I received the following, equally epic reply:

The design is a picture of my rescue basset Rufus Bearcrusher. When we got him he had scars all over his body and head. There was no story or explanation behind them so we hired a professional investigative team of ninja squirrels to find the truth. After months of searching for answers and many battles with the samurai wombats of of the North, the search lead them to the snowy Icelandic Regions. It was here that they discovered the Bearcrusher Kingdom and the true identity of Rufus Bearcrusher, king of the Viking Horde. And now we wait, for once his memory is regained he will once again rule these lands and their people and lead them to glory razing, pillaging and looting the nearby lands. And when he dies, he will die an honorable death in battle and dine with the gods on the finest kibble and milk bones.

Until then, the government is utilizing him in their classified Counter Terrorism Unit. At least, I believe this is still classified, so it might be wise to keep that quiet until


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