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BottleMark Goes to Press

BottleMark turns 4 today! To celebrate, we've got a new offering to bring you more of the custom caps and labels you love.

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Super-powered Labels

Custom bottle caps are great for keeping your beers straight, but you can only fit so much on a 1-inch circle. A true brewer needs a larger canvas, and so we are proud to bring you...


But these aren't just any labels. They're super-powered HOMEBREWER labels! 

Super powers include...
  • Easy on and easy off—guaranteed! A crooked application is easy to correct, and when it's time to reuse your bottles, there's no tearing or sticky adhesive left behind.
  • Waterproof! Go ahead. Put them in your cooler. 
  • Sized at 4-inch x 3.25-inch, our labels work in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Rich, full-color graphics for the true professional look.
And perhaps the greatest super-power of all...
  • A minimum order starts at just 6 labels--perfect for a 6-pack! Order just what you need, and don't waste your money on what you don't.
We've got our easy-upload tool working for labels and caps. And just like our caps, BottleMark is selling labels at a low, low price: $0.60 per label for edge-to-edge full-color graphics. With our many cap colors to choose from, you can now enjoy a fully customized bottle from BottleMark.

You don't go out to play naked. Why should your beers? Give your brew the respect it deserves with BottleMark Labels.


Paul & Michele's Wedding Caps

Here at BottleMark, we're proud to make your beer stand-out, but it's not every day we get credit for a an epic reception.

It all started with these caps...
I love the classic "single-logo" look on bottle caps, and with the white fill and black stroke, the graphic pops on a wide range of colors. Designers, take note!

Here's the story in the groom's own words...
"BottleMark is incredible. I mean, I know it’s just custom bottle caps, but for me they were the difference between a ho-hum, amateurish wedding and the awesome, everyone-gets-wasted wedding that I had.

Here’s why. I’ve been a homebrewer since 2007, which gave me the chutzpah to convince my then-fiancée to let me brew all the beer for the wedding.  I wound up brewing nine 5-gallon batches, four of which I bottled. Those were the strongest beers, all over 8% ABV, and they were to be aged for several months prior to the wedding.

I know a lot of people like to label homemade wedding beers, and that’s well and good for them, but if you’ve ever done it before, you know it’s a pain in the butt. And that’s just if you’ve done it for a single batch of 48 bottles. Imagine doing that four times over. So I sought an elegant, easier solution. And that’s where BottleMark came in.

My little brother drew the symbol for the wedding, and we did our best to plaster it on everything we could. Aside from just being pretty, it was the perfect foreground image to put on the bottle caps. Each background color represented a different kind of beer, so all I needed to do was tell the bartenders which color was which beer and voila – the bottles have been labeled. 

I loved using BottleMark’s site. The cap creator was simple and easy to use, and it allowed me to perfectly align the symbol so that when I crimped the caps down it would look exactly like it’s supposed to. When the order arrived a couple weeks later, I was very impressed at the lines, bold colors, and overall professional look. 

So were all the guests. A lot of people wound up taking used caps home with them as keepsakes, and my partner and I have decorated our house and leftover wedding paraphernalia with some of the unused ones. They truly are that pretty. I’m planning on brewing some beer for my five year anniversary, likely aging that one as well. The style and timing is still up in the air, but the place I’m getting my custom bottle caps from isn’t."

Sunflowers, skulls, gears, and bottle caps? I think I like these two.
Thanks, Paul and Michele! We wish you a marriage just as epic as your wedding!


Three-Year Deal

While our blog may be a little stagnant, BottleMark is far from it! We've been hard at work, wearing ALL THE HATS, bringing you the very best custom bottle caps technology can offer.
Okay, it's possible this hat wasn't for work.
And BottleMark just turned 3!
We're wishing for more brewers like you!
To celebrate, we're offering you a sneak peak into our near future: something very special, very sexy, and done the BottleMark way.
Motley Brüe is ready to rock!

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The New BottleMark

Here at BottleMark, we pride ourselves at staying on the cutting edge of digital print technology. Today we're rolling out the red carpet on our biggest advancement yet. Brewers? Meet your new custom cap.

I dare say these new caps will make more than my lab happy!

Quality: Lookin' Good
Hello, handsome! Tinier dots and smoother color gradations result in more vivid graphics and photos. Colors stay consistent, whether printed on white, colored, or even metallic caps.

Durability: Lookin' Strong
Our new Hulk-like ink produces stronger, more durable images. We won't ship your caps in tightly wrapped stacks anymore because now any damage due to shipping is minor and rare. Go ahead: make key chains out of 'em! Crafters and microbrewers: these caps are for you.

Variety: Lookin' Unique
Hello, choices! You asked for it, and we've delivered. Now you can get high-quality custom printing on a wide range of bottle cap colors: silver, gold, black, red, yellow, green, blue, and our standard white. Brewing a special beer? We're offering custom printing on gold oxygen-barrier caps too!

Delivery: Lookin' Speedy
Hate the wait? Our old technology couldn't keep up with demand, but our new and improved system puts the Speedy in Speedy Gonzalez. Expect faster turn-around and delivery, because, well... we know you like to procrastinate. (As always, the front page will notify you of production times.)

But some things never change. You can still count on BottleMark's trademark features: easy online customization, seriously low prices, enthusiastic customer service, and high-quality, industry-standard bottle caps for brewing and crafting.

So get your bottles ready! We just launched a shiny new-website to match our shiny-new caps. Check out the new custom upload tool now, and get designing!


New Magnets

I love magnets. I'm fascinated—attracted by them, if you will! Since we launched BottleMark, I've been indulging my magnet fetish by keeping a complete brew-history on my fridge with my past  caps. Now my collection just got better!

We've custom-ordered perfect bottle cap magnets. These are not available in stores! They are thicker than our old style; at a quarter-inch thick, that's just thick enough to hover a raw or used bottle cap right above the fridge surface. Best of all, you can order them in two different diameters: the classic 0.75" width...
Nesting nice and cozy

 Or the hefty, full-size 1" width...
This magnet means business
...for a truly substantial souvenir!

Now available in our crafting supplies shop for $0.24 (0.75") and $0.40 (1") each. Order one with your caps today and start your own custom collection!


One-Day Sale and Homebrewing Freedom

As of midnight this morning, Mississippi's bill to allow homebrewing became law. With this final step, everyone in the United States of America can now brew beer at home without fear of the beer cops. WOOHOO!

"Excuse me sir, I'm gonna need you to drop the hops."
No joke. This was totally legally feasible in our country until today.

Wait...what? I bet most of you find this fact surprising. You thought your country was the land of the free. Well, not so much! Following Prohibition--our favorite WTF event in American history--the federal government had some new laws to write. In 1933, it technically allowed brewing at home IF AND ONLY IF the homebrewer paid alcohol's excise taxes as well as a penal bond like any other brewer. Yet wine making at home wasn't subject to any taxes. Which is ridiculous. It took 46 more years for us to realize this was ridiculous, when Jimmy Carter finally made brewing beer in small quantities for personal consumption free from taxes by 1979. Coincidence that the 1980s were the start of the Great American Beer Revolution? I think not.

But the federal homebrewing law still left room for the states to decide. Not everyone jumped on the bandwagon. But through lots of grass-roots efforts and awesome organizations like Alabama's Right to Brew, people nation-wide have slowly yet surely convinced their legislatures to legalize this great American tradition (yep: GW and TJ homebrewed, as did almost every colonial wife). Oklahoma took until 2010 to convince, and up until this year, Alabama and Mississippi remained the final bastions of the 1930s. NO MORE!

Mississippi passed its bill on March 18 to go into effect today, and Alabama's governor signed his state's bill on May 9, 2013. Today's the end of an era (a stupid era). And it's the birth of a new one! We're a new nation, conceived in responsible consumption and dedicated to the proposition that all beers are not created equal. Americans everywhere are standing up and demanding good-tasting, well-crafted beer.

Hatching a new generation
But the fight's not over, my friends, not by far. Some states make it illegal to consume your homebrew away from your home (I really have no idea what justifies this), thus making homebrew clubs and competitions criminal. And then there's South Carolina, which says you're illegal if you're brewing beer over 5%. And don't even get me started on alcohol laws in general! I fondly remember the 9 pm lock-down on beer at Wisconsin grocery stores. And why is it that I always need to go to the liquor store on Sunday? And then there was the time I was in Oklahoma, and all the grocery-store beer was "beer water" reduced to 4%: what the--?

The beer cops are still out there. 

Find out about your state's homebrewing laws here, and consider becoming an advocate for sane alcohol laws in your state. Seriously. Advocacy works! Texas recently had a major triumph for small brewers (who can now sell their beers on site, can you imagine?), thanks to craft beer drinkers like you coming together in groups like Open the Taps.

Tomorrow's another fight, but today, let's celebrate this moment. It's your moment, the homebrewer's moment, so we're giving you 10% off all orders of 50 custom caps or more ALL DAY TODAY until 12 am Pacific Time. Order one cap for each legal state, and celebrate!

Why? Because nothing's more American than a sale, of course! WAY TO GO, HOMEBREWERS OF AMERICA! (And our international friends? You can join the party, too.)

COUPON CODE: homeofthebrew