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Kickstarter: LA Ale Works

You know the dream: good homebrew grows up into a great brewery. One of our favorite customers, LA Ale Works, is enjoying those fabulous growing pains right now. Help turn them into a brewery!

Want better beer in LA? Go donate to their kickstarter NOW! Pledges start at only $1.
LA Ale Works Kickstarter

When you help fund LA Ale Works, they'll send you a certain amount of "vote" tokens, redeemable for awesome things later. These tokens are our very own flattened custom bottle caps with the LA Ale Works logo. Very cool!

There are lots of other great prizes at different levels, from getting your name engraved on their fermentor to hand-made bottle carriers to naming a special release beer after you. You know you want some of that action.

If you'd like to enjoy beer like the Buttress of Windsor Coffee Rye Porter or Das Kolsch (a real traditional kolsch) among many of their award-winning other brews, support LAAW today!


Bells Brewing Company

Tom thought he might save some money brewing his own beer. After a year of avid homebrewing and making all the necessary equipment purchases, he's got the cost down to a mere $8 a bottle! But money hardly matters when you're sharing good beer brewed with care with friends and family.

When gifting beers, it's great to add a personal touch to the bottles--not to mention a label so they know what's inside! And thus Bells Brewing is addicted to custom bottle caps. Tom enjoys making connections between his beers and his rural home. Here are some of our favorite designs:

Named after the county
Named after the county's unfortunate laws
Tom added coffee to the secondary, hence the "Joe"
A 2-for-1 name: a "hoppy" ESB brewed in the land of cotton growing
Brewed with a touch of honey

Bells Brewing's latest offering is an Altbier, brewed with a top fermenting yeast and capped with this lovely Oktoberfest lass. (The wife however is not convinced "top-down" refers to just the yeast!)

And here's the design in action:

Unique names, crisp graphics, and a uniform design scheme that unites them all together. A great custom cap line-up from Bells Brewing!