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Jack's Studio Brews

While he may be a trained graphic designer and photographer, Jack Daniel loves even more working with chemistry and contraptions in the lab and in the kitchen. With Jack's Studio Brews, he's found a way to unite these divergent interests.

Jack's cap hits the design sweet spot: the perfect balance between detail and simplicity. The text is bold and easy to read (even when it gets small), there's a fantastic play of colors that makes for great contrast, the borders add energy...I just love it. The image pops at the size of an inch, but it's definitely not simple. Designers take note.

To prove that Jack knows what he's up to, here's what he can do with a larger canvas:

Roaring good.
Looks like Jack's got some mad Illustrator skills and probably the beer to go with it, too. Since settling in San Diego to pursue his passions professionally, Jack's been busy making small batch beers, wine, even a fine Ceylon tea brewed with leaves imported from Sri Lanka.
Tea and tea contraptions, showing here.
Jack contemplates the meaning of life. It probably has something to do with good brews.
 Next up? A ginger ale. And hopefully more glorious graphics, too.

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  1. Jack's talents are the bomb....can't wait to contact him and order caps and labels! What a talent!