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BottleMark Basics Screencast

I'm starting a new BottleMark Screencast series that will walk you through various designing tricks and tasks in Inkscape. But first, we've got to start at the beginning...

Watch this video to learn all the secrets of 1) creating a BottleMark account; 2) using the features of the online upload tool; and 3) ordering a batch of caps--without shipping them to an incorrect address! Seriously. Google Wallet is so smart it's stupid when it comes to shipping addresses.

Behold, the secrets revealed!


The Eagle Has Landed

On this day in 1969, we went from this:
to this:
And it looked like this:
Congrats to Apollo 11 and all other passionate explorers of our universe.


Jeff and Courtney

Jeff and Courtney love beer. They also have amazing, unforgettable hair: a ginger beard and a giant curly mop. So what could honor their upcoming union more than a quirky bottle cap?

Courtney worked with her friend and graphic designer Michael Wallenfels to get just the right look.  The couple have also used this graphic for their unique save-the-dates.
This clearly says Jeff and Courtney.
These bottle caps will top their six-pack wedding favors--always a great give away! And for their rustic, barn-party wedding in Missoula, Montana, they will be serving a very special beer from Big Sky Brewery. Jeff and Courtney typically spend the winters doing ecological field work in Argentina, so for the last five years, Jeff has been denied his favorite beer, a winter seasonal from Big Sky: the Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout. With barely any convincing at all from the bride, Big Sky Brewery put a small batch of the Slow Elk at the top of their summer brewing list--just for Jeff and Courtney and their guests to enjoy on this special summer day. Now that's crazy customer service!

Here are their engagement photos, starring Courtney's favorite brew, Big Sky's Bobo Robust Porter.
Credit to Cameron Zegers Photography
Congrats, you two well-coiffed beer lovers!


SNB Brewery's Westbennetteren 12

The award-winning Bennetts of SNB Brewery recently bottled their personal take on the Westvleteren 12, dubbed the Westbennetteren 12. This trappist quadruple ale usually comes sans label; instead, there's a simple, elegant crown on top. SNB turned to BottleMark to get the look of this tribute beer just right.
The Crown
The King
Unfortunately this king must mature before he's allowed to reign--a full six months of sweet anticipation. Read all about the bottling of this unique brew and other adventures on the SNB Brewery site.

Making a tribute beer? Design a parody cap to top it off!