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Kruski's Brewskis

Jay, founder of Kruski's, has been crafting good beer since 2007 with friends and family. Outdoors. Year-round. In MICHIGAN. Props.
The Kruski design pays tribute to the great brewing state of Michigan and to Jay's dachshund and brewing buddy Barley.
Barley attempts the daring Leap of Cute.
Credit to Jay's friend and graphic designer Carrie (carrie@wakulatdesign.com) for creating a logo that brings these two loves together in chic style.

And in case you didn't believe me, here's Jay and friends brewing a continuously hopped IPA in the middle of January. They added a pinch of whole leaf hops every five minutes during the 60 minute boil, resulting in a very addictive aroma. They call this a Hop Facial.
I call it courage.
Follow Kruski's adventures in homebrew, bbq, woodwork, and beer tastings, complete with great photos courtesy of the wife: http://kruskis.com/


  1. Kudos to Kruski's for a really slick design, and for creating awesome beer in sub-optimal conditions!

  2. Thanks for making awesome caps for us homebrewers, and writing up a post on the Kruski's logo cap.