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Mosh and Brew Cycle Crew

Check out this tattoo-worthy design.
Guy in Ohio ordered this logo cap for his gang the Mosh and Brew Cycle Crew. Mosh and Brew builds tall and otherwise bizarre bikes; they ride with pride and also brew good beer (but I don't think at the same time). I suspect there's some heavy metal involved, too, for a truly epic hobby combination. Ride on!



BottleMark loves brewers, but we also love companies that support brewers, too! And who can deny the awesome that is bottle cap schwag?
You cannot deny it.
Solid, a reputation management company specializing in elegant websites and media campaigns, is helping get some breweries going strong. As a special beer-themed gift, Solid designed these caps, dropped them into resin, attached a magnet, and...
VoilĂ !
A Solid idea.