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Karll's Crest Cap

Back in 1968, Tim Karll of Denmark handcrafted his first beer. 44 years and over 6,000 liters later, he's finally capping his work his way.
Sealed with a seal
Tim took inspiration for his caps from his family crest of arms, which traces all the way back to 1700.

Since we can't have the pleasure of sampling it ourselves, here's some eye candy of the custom capped #148, a Brown Ale. I must say we're totally honored by this international shout-out.
Keep on brewing, Tim, and we'll keep pushing your caps through customs!


Wedding Soda Caps

In a little more than two months, Chris and Jessica will tie the knot, and then celebrate in true bottle cap style.


These caps will adorn Chris and Jessica's vintage soda bar at the reception, and afterwards, paired with some bottle caps magnets, they'll go home as a unique guest souvenirs. I love how each cap design is totally distinct from the others. And the added distressed look brings out a genuine vintage feel. Lovely!

Congrats to the soon-to-be bride and groom! I don't suppose these count as something old and something new...?


Bottle Caps Prevent Soap Slime

There's a life pro-tip circulating around the Interweb that BottleMark just had to share.

Redditor "Pavement_ist_rad" recommended twisting a metal bottle cap into a bar of soap so that the bar rests on the cap, thereby preventing the accumulation of soap slime.
From bar to bar soap: the life cycle of a bottle cap.
And of course what would look better than a custom bottle cap on that bar of soap? Make your bathroom decor complete!
We're mostly kidding. Mostly...
This is a great way to reuse caps, custom or not. Remember to change out the bottle cap every once in a while before it begins to rust, and recycle when they've had it!
(Credit to awesome friend Nathan W. for pointing out this story.)


Gilmore Car Museum

I'm always on the look-out for creative uses for custom caps, and the Gilmore Car Museum came up with a truly unique idea.
Not fated for bottling.
The Gilmore Car Museum crew recently hosted their first annual "A Pint with the Past" fundraiser. 
Fresh beer and historic cars. (Credit to John A. Lacko, Kalamazoo Gazette)
Over 150 people flocked to the event to enjoy good beer and a taste of history in the newly completed Gilmore Heritage Center, designed in the style of a turn-of-the-century brick factory.

Of course, they couldn't give out unlimited pints, so they needed some form of drink token. What could speak more to the purpose and the theme than logo bottle caps?

The result was a huge success. Some guests even hoarded their allotted tokens as souvenirs instead of making the exchange for beer. Remaining bottle caps were shipped off to the gift shop to be sold as souvenir magnets. The caps also served as great centerpieces in photos promoting the event.
Cover page of the Battle Creek Enquirer's Weekend Entertainment

Publicity shot
If you're ever cruising around Michigan, check out the Gilmore Car Museum. You'll see over 200 historic vehicles, an 1899 locomobile, a recreated 1930s Shell gasoline station, a 1940s diner, and now bottle cap magnets in the gift shop!


Moondance Magic Brews

Phil Moore's brew story begins with a Welsh Corgi he and his wife adopted as a pet. But a dog who answers to "Barley" quickly became a top dog, officially known as "Champion Dalarno Moondance Magic Brew." Barley has won three 5-point majors and earned his championship at Pembroke Nationals in Portland, Oregon in 2002. And he's one well-traveled pooch. As his proud owner reports, "Barley swam in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the same month, walked Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and peed on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis." A chance few of us get in a lifetime!

With such a legend in the house, no wonder Phil named his brewery after Barley. When it came time to create a logo, Phil contacted his friend and famed Corgi Artist Art Smith (corgiart.com). Inspired by Barley's enjoyment of frogging by the pond, Art created this enchanting logo...

 ...now on a bottle cap!

Keeping with the theme, Phil pairs some other great Corgi labels with his logo.
Black Magic
German Alt
Palmetto Peach (a peach wheat beer)
While not quite as famous as Barley, Phil Moore is also a champion, having won several best in shows for his brews, and he was even one of four finalists in Sam Adams's Longshot Homebrew Competition in 2011. Apparently, a corgi and a brewer is a winning combination.