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Red Hot Summer Sale

Respect is cheap this summer!
Just in time for the scorching days of summer, our custom-printed red oxygen-absorbing caps are on sale for $0.14 each. Whether you're planning a Red Ale or stocking up on Nuka Cola, get designing today: this sale ends September 1. 
Roll out the red carpet

Give your brew the full celebrity treatment with custom beer labels to match your new red caps. BottleMark is the only company that sells custom labels in sets of 6, so you don't have to bring a mystery 6-pack to your next BBQ. They'll even stay on and stay bold in a cooler! Discover more neat features on our "about our labels" page.

PRO TIP: Get the most out of your red caps by giving your design a transparent background for a seamless look. Be sure to save your design as a PNG! No idea how to make a transparency? Read about it here, or talk to our Service Guru at info@bottlemark.com


BottleMark Goes to Press

BottleMark turns 4 today! To celebrate, we've got a new offering to bring you more of the custom caps and labels you love.

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Super-powered Labels

Custom bottle caps are great for keeping your beers straight, but you can only fit so much on a 1-inch circle. A true brewer needs a larger canvas, and so we are proud to bring you...


But these aren't just any labels. They're super-powered HOMEBREWER labels! 

Super powers include...
  • Easy on and easy off—guaranteed! A crooked application is easy to correct, and when it's time to reuse your bottles, there's no tearing or sticky adhesive left behind.
  • Waterproof! Go ahead. Put them in your cooler. 
  • Sized at 4-inch x 3.25-inch, our labels work in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Rich, full-color graphics for the true professional look.
And perhaps the greatest super-power of all...
  • A minimum order starts at just 6 labels--perfect for a 6-pack! Order just what you need, and don't waste your money on what you don't.
We've got our easy-upload tool working for labels and caps. And just like our caps, BottleMark is selling labels at a low, low price: $0.60 per label for edge-to-edge full-color graphics. With our many cap colors to choose from, you can now enjoy a fully customized bottle from BottleMark.

You don't go out to play naked. Why should your beers? Give your brew the respect it deserves with BottleMark Labels.