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BottleMark in Denmark

BottleMark recently received the honor of a feature in the April/May Danske Olentusiaster. That's right: the Danish Beer Enthusiast Magazine!
The cap on this cover could use an upgrade!

I confess I can't make heads or tails of the article, but our trusty Dane Tim Karll reassures me the content's positive. Who knows? Maybe we'll open a European branch someday. So here's to our international friends. Skål!


  1. This is the article that lead me to your site!
    The articles is certainly positive - but does alert me to the meagre limit for Danish customs imports: equivalent to$13.30! But it helps if you keep postage & packaging off the customs label (and maybe send as a gift?)!
    I have a design made up and ready to upload this evening :=)

  2. Glad to hear it, Benjamin! For the record, we always leave off the cost of packaging and shipping on customs forms (only the cost of the products matters), but we're legally required to mark our shipments as merchandise. If the limit is $13.30, you can always split up larger orders into separate smaller shipments. You can order up to 110 caps in one shipment to be under the limit. Cheers!