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International Shipping

Our custom bottle cap site is now equipped to ship internationally with a click of a mouse. No need to contact BottleMark anymore!
Now shipping custom caps to the Colosseum, you know, in case you wanted to do that.


Beer, TX

Check out the BottleMark feature in Beer, TX, a Houston Chronicle blog by writer Ronnie Crocker.
Also you should check out Beer, TX in general. It covers everything from beer to beer politics. My kind of blog.


Christine's Beadworks

Jewelry designer Christine Wilson of Christine's Beadworks recently ordered her logo on a bottlecap. The original logo on a virtual cap:
Fellow jewelry artist Christina Neit from Good Quill Hunting created this design for Christine.
And here it is on a real bottle cap:

And you won't believe the things she's made with it...
Photos courtesy of Christine's Beadworks
I've been researching lots and lots of bottle cap crafts, but I've never seen anything like this! Besides making these embellished art pieces, Christine is also using her personalized caps as customer favors and as give-aways in her cap craft classes (say that three times fast). She also has grand plans for magnets, too.

Christine started her own jewelry business back in 2001 and found her true muse in bottle caps—a classic tale of art inspiring art. She told me, "I've been known to try a brew just because of its cap." Getting to enjoy a new beer for business's sake? Not a bad plan! Check out some of her favorite elaborate pieces:
Earrings made with Dixie's Blackened Voodoo caps
Beaded bracelet with an Izze Sparkling Juice cap. Photos courtesy of Christine's Beadworks
Keep up the creativity, Christine!
Links to Christine's Beadworks:   Website         Etsy shop          Blog


Autumn Oak IPA

Doug Clapp recently ordered this beautiful family photo on a cap.
I'm a huge fan of the composition: the texture of the wood, the shape of the leaf, the colors. A classy addition to Doug's annual Autumn Oak IPA, brewed with pumpkin, brown sugar, toasted oak chips, and "a healthy dose of hops, of course." He plans to bottle in October but just couldn't wait. As a Texas resident, I'm with Doug and too eagerly anticipating the fall.

Pumpkin brews can be really exquisite. I waited at the Houston Flying Saucer for hours just to sample Saint Arnold's Divine Reserve 9, an imperial pumpkin stout. Anyone else ever enjoyed a unique pumpkin brew or love making one?


Raising Caine Brewery

Raising Caine's Backyard Brewery has come up with two fantastic designs.
The Raising Caine logo. Truly bad ass artwork. 

The logo for what Kevin Caine's brewing now: a Triple X Sweet Stout. He found the recipe in the book Brewing Classic Styles (available on Amazon here).

Credit for both designs goes to Kevin's friend Mike. Thanks, Kevin and Mike, and I hope the stout turns out as sweet as your caps!


First Order: Silvertooth Brewing Co.

A day after launching BottleMark, we got an epicly awesome first order.
Very original logo. I love the level of detail, and the yellow background really makes the entire image pop. Thanks, Silvertooth Brewing Co., for a great first design!

Custom caps for the people!

Collectors of bottle caps: beware. BottleMark has just changed the game.
Years ago when my husband Cameron first began homebrewing (and I was unknown to him...and underage...), he experimented with lots of batches at once, but he had no way to keep the different types straight in the fridge. Why not use custom-labeled caps? Wait, there's no such thing?

In this digital age, major brewing companies still make their bottle caps the old-fashioned way: lithography. Sure, it yields great results, but it comes with major start-up costs, charges more per color, and requires a minimum order of half a million or so. Not exactly in the reach of homebrewers, and even plenty of microbreweries don't sell enough to justify specialized caps for each of their brews. Crafters? Forget about it! And photos on bottle caps were simply unheard of.

Not anymore. A few weeks ago, BottleMark began waging a one-inch, crimped-metal revolution. No longer are caps the prerogative of fat cat corporate breweries. Now custom caps are for the people! With some cool technology and an online upload tool to customize your cap instantly, BottleMark's made cap creation easy. We're now printing anything on a bottle cap that you ask us to print. No minimum order, no color limits--no limits at all, really. Just wickedly awesome caps.

This blog will report from the front lines: I'll showcase the best of our custom orders and talk about craft ideas, news, and other various adventures in the now democratic world of crowns.

Viva la revolucion!  http://www.bottlemark.com