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Three Dogs Brewery

We've been printing lots of pet-inspired caps—heck, our first design, the "Happy Lab Lager," was based on our dog Mozi (yes, named after Mozilla)—but Mike Runkle's design tops them all.
The Hound Mountains: Samson, Cassie, Maya
Here's his story...
After 15 years of homebrewing, Mike decided to get the real goods and build his very own HERMS (Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System).
Awwww yeah!!! That's right: all grain brewing!
While Mike labored on this beauty in the garage, his three "loyal mutts" kept him such constant company that they would not let him work without them. Hard work deserves recognition, and so the Three Dogs Brewery was born!
The Loyal Staff, showing here:
Samson, Head Brewdog and Guardian of the HERMS

Cassie, Customer Relations
Maya, Marketing and Morale

You can recognize their silhouettes on the cap. Wonderful work!
You can learn all about Three Dogs Brewery, the HERMS, and what's brewing now for Mike on his blog: http://threedogsbrewery.webs.com/

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