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Bootknocker Brewing Company

Gale Wagner of Bootknocker Brewing Company knows how to design.
And from the looks of the blog, Bootknocker also knows how to brew. Find recipes and more fun at bootknockerbrewing.com

Curious about the name? Senior year of college, Wagner signed up for a History of Blues class (wait...that's awesome. I love college!), and as they studied the quirky tradition of Blues names like "Blind Lemon Jefferson," he and his frat brothers were inspired to form "Mad Spank and the Bootknockers"—mostly a parody band, but they did play once in a while. This collegiate blues tribute now lives on in some really sweet brews.

Over the last 15 years of brewing, Wagner has also been drawing and designing labels, going from hand-drawn work to Illustrator and Photoshop. He's earned honorable mention in Brew Your Own's 2011 label contest for this beauty, the Barleywine "Eye of Horus."
Now that BottleMark has launched, he gets to try out his artistry on a new kind of canvas. Here's the cap to top off this brew...
Mythos meets Beer.
Love, love, love it.
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So I'm thinking...bottle cap design contest? Oh yes, my friends. It will happen. Soon. 


  1. Every time I see the "Rhythm Section" cap I get "Jailhouse Rock" stuck in my head. Probably be there all day now!

  2. Gale's beers are also really good!

  3. I have two bottles of Gale's beer sitting and waiting for the right time to be opened. It is good to see him getting some press!

  4. Those designs look great on a bottle cap!