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Recapping Experiment, Phases 1 and 2

Our custom caps shouldn't be just for homebrews. Why not trick out your favorite craft brew for a special occasion: birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, really cool corporate get-togethers, or that long-awaited 21st?

But can you uncap and recap a beer without any loss in quality? That's what Cameron and I are determined to find out...

Stand back. We're going to try science!

Phase 1
Einstein thirsts for science!

Purpose: To determine if a distributed (non-homebrewed) beer can be uncapped and immediately recapped without any noticeable loss in carbonation or alteration in flavor.

Hypothesis: We think this is gonna work.
(Here's why: oxygen = bad, flat beer. We're not exposing it to oxygen for very long, and unlike growlers, we're not drinking any to create more space for oxygen in the bottle.)

1 6-pack of local craft brew: Independence Pale Ale (brewed in Austin, TX)
Note the plain gold caps. This pack is about to get an upgrade.
3 awesomer caps
Showing here

1 Klein bottle bottle opener
Yes, that's a Klein bottle bottle opener. Best. Wedding. Present. Ever. Doesn't damage caps much either.
1 really ancient antique capper
Cooper legend has it that this bottle capper has been in the family since the Prohibition era, when it was used to, ahem, cap "ketchup."
Iodophor sanitizer solution (poured into a glass) to sanitize

Control: We left 3 of the bottles untouched. When the proper time has elapsed, we will uncap both an original and a recapped beer at the same time to compare carbonation and taste.

1. Sanitize the new caps and the capper's hands in standard sanitizer solution. Very important step!
Step 1
2. Pose for the fanatical photographing wife while waiting 2 minutes for caps to sanitize.
Step 2
3. Uncap 1 bottle.
Step 3
4. Place new cap on bottle and use capper to crimp it into place. Try not to allow more than a minute to elapse with the beer open.
Step 4
5. Look at the cute dog, look at it!
Step 5
6. Repeat Steps 3-4 for a total of three bottles.
Step 6
7. Wait, my precious....

Phase 2
After four days in the fridge, the capped and recapped Independence Pale Ales are ready for the first test.

1. Take one gold-capped and one Einstein-capped beer out of the fridge.
2. Uncap the normal bottle, attach a pre-stretched, helium quality balloon.
3. Give the bottle 3 hearty shakes.
4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the recapped beer.
5. Compare the balloon sizes.
6. Remove balloons, pour both beers into tall pilsner glasses, and compare heads.
7. Taste test!
8. Taste test some more...etc.
I love my job.
9. Delicious.

Here's the video showing the Day Four experiment results in real time.

DAY FOUR CONCLUSION (drum roll, please...)
Conclusion 1: Recapping a beer and opening it again in 4 days (or less time) has no effect whatsoever on carbonation or taste.
Conclusion 2: This beer is particularly delicious.
Double fisting for science. Beer for women.
Stay tuned for results after one week and results after two weeks.

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