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Recapping Experiment, Phase 3

Seven days after the recapping date, our Independence Pale Ales were ready for another test.

We followed the same procedure as Day 4: uncap, attach balloon (yellow for recapped, green for normal), shake three times, pour into glass, taste, compare everything, and enjoy the beers while watching episodes of Buffy. Oh, Mr. Whedon, you are so unpredictable.

Here are the results...

As you can see, the normal (green balloon) beer has produced a bit more foam. In fact, this balloon looks larger than both balloons at Day 4...has it gained carbonation or is this a rogue beer? The recapped beer's balloon (yellow) was smaller and more like the balloons from Day 4.

HEAD (we're talking beer here, stop giggling!)
The control beer (left) has a slightly larger head than the recapped beer (right)—further suggesting some loss in carbonation for the recapped beer. Both had plenty of bubbles (which are devilishly hard to photograph or video, so you'll have to take our word for it).

TASTE: For the life of us, Cameron and I could not taste a difference between the two beers. It was all equal hoppy goodness.

(Tentative) CONCLUSION
We're beginning to think that recapping close to an event (four days ahead or sooner) is best. One week, although it doesn't seem to affect taste, does affect the outward signs of carbonation. It won't kill you, but it's not pristine. We'll have to wait for the final phase, two weeks, before we can make any hard conclusions. We hypothesize that by week two, the recapped beer will have noticable carbonation and taste loss. That is assuming the evidence is consistent. You never know.

Stay tuned for the epic finale...

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