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B&C Brewery

B&C Brewery recently showed me some outstanding and totally original graphic talent.
Unlike many of us who went straight for the barley, Russ and wife Renie Gallant started their homebrewing careers with wine. They named their winery R&R Red Grin (after the effect great red wine has on your teeth). Russ decided to put his fine arts degree to work and design labels to crown their achievements. After some hard work painting, photographing, and Adobe illustrating, voilà!
That's one classy label.
When they turned to beer making, Russ and Renie wanted something more casual, more in the spirit of brewing and consuming beer, but still with a splash of personal flair. They found inspiration for their brand in their two playful, Jamaican-name-inspired cats: Bammy and Callaloo.
Bammy (a Jamaican bread made from cassava but also a gray tabby who really wants to catch his tail)
Callaloo can has beer? (Named after a Jamaican leafy green)
Russ set to work on a cartoonish design with retro graphics and strong colors that would really pop against the amber glass of a bottle. The labels include a generous banner space for notating their most recent concoction.
Totally a-mew-sing

Knowing as every good graphic designer does that a 1-inch bottle cap needs a more simplified look, Russ scaled this graphic back to feature just the cats and the name with a checkered background.
Compare the two and note the changes. B&C has provided a great example of how you can take a complex logo and make it into a successful bottle cap.
The complete package
While Russ and Renie may keg most of their brews, whenever one of these bottles shows up to a party, Banny and Callaloo are sure to make a splash! Brew on, B&C Brewery.

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