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The Slug and Satellite

This numbered non sequitur series piqued my attention: was someone cellaring a beer for 10, 15, and 20 years? And...is that a slug??
Yes, that's a slug.
Over in London town, workers at a mobile satellite communications company called Inmarsat enjoy their very own fully-licensed, on-site pub. (The English have impeccable priorities.) Named as a parody of the pub chain "The Slug and Lettuce," the "Slug and Satellite" has served thirsty employees on Fridays 5-9 for many years. In fact, some of the all-volunteer staff have been working the bar for over five years. Manager Richard Locke decided that some recognition of service was in order, and so he ordered some honorific bottle caps. With a hole punch and some safety pins, he turned simple beer closures into "Up"-inspired badges of glory.
A Slug and Satellite Five-Star General
When not at their Friday posts, the Slug and Satellite crew have taken to flaunting their bottle caps on their employee ID badges, garnering plenty of attention for the bar in shiny style. Congrats, hard workers of the Slug and Satellite. We doff our hats to you, your years of dedication, and your worthy cause!

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